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SiSiB SILICONES offers a comprehensive range of performance-enhancing silicone products for sale and solutions to meet the need of customers such as silicone adhesive, fabric, sheets, filler, paste, sealants, thermoset, sealing tape, etc. These include 50000 tons of silanes and siliconates, 60000 tons of silicone fluids, silicone polymers, 18000 tons silicone rubbers, 1000 tons silicone resins and 10000 tons fumed silicas. SiSiB also offers high quality silane and silicone raw material in comparatively low market price, very cost effective.   

Today SiSiB SILICONE's different types of silicone oil have been sold to more than 100 countries around the world, successfully used in Adhesives & Sealants, Agriculture, Automobile, Building & Construction, Coatings & Paints, Electrical & Electronic, Leather & Textile, Molding & Foundry, Olefin Polymerization, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics & Thermoplastics, Polyurethane Foam, Rubber & Tyre. Besides, our organo modified, organic organofunctional silanes and siloxanes, cyclic siloxanes and epoxy silane, hydrophilic silane treatment in dentistry are also popular among customers.  

SiSiB provides silicone oil in various kinds of colours: white, silver, red, gray, grey, beige, black, blue, etc; with different properties: heat proof/heat resistant, high temperature, low modulus, neutral cure, cross linked, soft structural, translucent, transparent, conductive, moldable, platinum, fireproof, glazing, marine, sanitary, thermoplastic; and with different purposes: all purpose, aquarium safe, food grade, body safe, medical grade, for engine, bathroom, window. Buy our silicone to make molds in bulk, and get the competitive wholesale price. For more information like silicone oil viscosity, grade and temperature, price per kg/pound, please feel free to contact us.

SiSiB Silicone Products

What is Silicone?

What is Silicone?

Silicone is artificially synthesized compound making use of sand as a major raw material which can be found everywhere on earth crust and it is generally referred to as the whole family of organic Si compound containing Si combined with organic unit. As the cohesion between silicon (Si) and oxygen is stable, silicone can be transformed to many highly polymerized compounds. Many thermoplastic, thermosetting polymers contains carbon(C) in its structure. But silicone is the unique material, which does not contain carbon in its main chain; therefore silicone has peculiar characteristics by the strong cohesion of inorganic chain and the flexibility of organic unit attached on the side chain of silicon (Si). Thus, silicone is widely applied to every industry with its unique characteristics with both organic features and inorganic features. Furthermore, silicone has superior heat resistance, weatherability, chemical stability, electric insulation than carbon-containing polymers; it has thousands of applications as a highly functional material. Silicone can be converted to Emulsion, Grease, Compound, etc from its basic form of silicone fluid, rubber, and resin.

What is Silicone?

SiSiB Silicone Applications


Amino silanes are bifunctional organosilane possessing amino groups and hydrolyzable inorganic alkoxysilyl groups.

In terms of the properties, benefits and applications/uses of sio2, the dual nature of its reactivity allows silane silicone oil to bind chemically to both inorganic materials and organic polymers under certain temperature, thus working as an adhesion promoter, surface modifier and as a reactant for product modification.

Those industrial SiSiB silicone products can improve chemical bonding of resins to inorganic fillers and reinforcing materials.

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