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SiSiB® SR8307
SiSiB® SR8307

Silicone Resin Intermediate

SiSiB® SR8307 is a silicone resin intermediate used in combination with organic resins that contain active hydroxyl groups.

This product by SiSiB, a professional silicone and silane manufacturer, is a reactive methyl-phenyl polysiloxane with a narrow molecular weight distribution.

SiSiB® SR8307

Technical Data


Colorless or light yellow liquid

Viscosity (25°C, cSt)


Density(25°C, g/cm3)



  • SiSiB® SR8307 silicone and resin product can be used for high temperature resistant coatings for various applications.

Packing and Storage

  • SiSiB® SR8307 is supplied in 230Kgs steel drum.

  • In the unopened original container, SiSiB® SR8307 has a shelf life of 12 months in a dry and cool place.

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SiSiB® SR8307