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SiSiB manufactures a wide range of silicone fluids, both non-reactive and reactive. They are widely used in agriculture, electric, transportation, construction, cosmetics, textiles, coatings, and sealants.

Trimethylsilyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is a well-known general-purpose silicone fluid, also known as silicone oil, and is usually a colorless and transparent liquid. They exhibit excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance and moisture resistance. There is little change in viscosity over a wide temperature range, and they have excellent electrical properties. In addition, they also have good mold-releasability, water repellency, lubricity, and defoaming properties. SiSiB offers a wide range of viscosity between 0.65 and 500,000 CST.

When the phenyl group in the polysiloxane replaces the methyl group, oxidation resistance, thermal stability, and shear resistance are all improved. Silicone fluid with high phenyl content is used as heat exchange fluid, dielectric coolants and base oil for high-temperature fluid. The higher the phenyl content, the better the high-temperature thermal stability. Silicone fluids with low phenyl content are used at lower temperatures and are usually used as lubricants for key equipment. Low-viscosity phenyl fluids, PF8704 and PF8705, are used as diffusion pump fluids.

SiSiB cyclosiloxane fluid (also known as cyclomethicone) is a low molecular weight siloxane with a cyclic structure instead of a chain structure. They are used as volatile carriers for various dosage forms. It mainly includes octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4), decamethylcyclopentasiloxane D5, dodecamethylcyclohexasiloxane D6 and their blends.

SiSiB silicone emulsion is easy to use, easy to dilute with water and is a silicone fluid with fine particles dispersed. Since these substances are easily diluted with water, a small amount of substances can be evenly distributed on the substrate. They are used as mold release agents, lubricants, waterproofing agents and textile softeners.

SiSiB alkyl modified silicone oil has better compatibility with organic materials, improves lubricity, reduces tack, increases viscosity-temperature coefficient, reduces compressibility.

SiSiB fluorosilicone fluids contain trifluoropropyl groups, which enhances its resistance to non-polar solvents, fuels, oils, acids and alkaline chemicals, it combines advantages of fluorocarbon and silicone fluid. This material is suitable for various harsh application environments from -40°C to 230°C. Due to its chemical resistance and solvent lubricity, fluorosilicone oil is not miscible with fuel or oil. Fluorosilicone fluid is an excellent lubricant under extreme pressures.

SiSiB silicone wax is polydimethylsiloxane modified by a long chain alkyl group. Depending on the length of the chain and the number of alkyl groups, the modification will produce products with different melting points. Silicone wax combines the characteristics of organic wax (such as water repellency) with the typical characteristics of silicone fluid, such as wettability and good sensory properties. Silicone wax is used as a grease and wax ingredient in skin and creams, or decorative cosmetics to improve the feel of the skin. Silicone wax optimizes the distribution of pigments and sunscreen additives, increasing the diffusion of grease and active ingredients. Leather treated with silicone wax has a waterproof effect.

SiSiB silicone defoamers have a variety of ingredients to choose from. They come in the form of compounds, self-dispersants, emulsions, powders and fluids to adapt to different applications and provide specific properties.

SiSiB vinyl silicone fluids is the main raw material of addition type silicone rubber. They can be cured with hydride silicone fluid crosslinking agent or platinum catalyst. They are available in a variety of viscosities.

SiSiB methyl hydrogen silicone fluid (hydride silicone fluid) can chemically react with hydroxyl groups and unsaturated organic compounds and is mainly used as a waterproof (hydrophobic) agent for fillers such as gypsums, textiles, paper and leather, powder and silica. Hydride silicone oil is also used as a crosslinking agent for the addition of molding silicone rubber. Hydrogen-terminated silicone fluid is an important textile softener intermediate.

SiSiB hydroxy silicone oils are low-molecular polydimethylsiloxane fluids with hydroxyl groups at both ends. They are used as structural control additives for silicone elastomers and are also important raw materials in the textile auxiliary industry.

SiSiB functional silicone liquids are produced through chemical modification and are usually used in personal care, fabric finishing, building waterproofing, polyurethane foam stabilization, agricultural spreading agents and coating additives.

As a professional silicone oil manufacturer in China, SiSiB supplies different types of silicone oil: pure hydrophilic silicone oil, multi purpose crystal silicone liquid, food/medical grade silicone in oil, silicone oil bath for gym equipment, remote control silicone oil for car polish, silicone based oil lubricant for motorized treadmill belt, low/high viscosity silicone damping fluid engine oil, high temperature heat transformer oil based silicone fluid, etc. SiSiB silicone oil fluid is of wide uses, corresponding cas numbers and chemical formulas. Buy our products for sale in bulk, and you will get the competitive wholesale price.

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