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SiSiB is worldwide leading supplier of organosilanes for over 30 years. SiSiB alkoxy silanes with different functional groups are widely used as coupling agent to tie organic systems into inorganic fillers or powders such as silica.

SiSiB alkoxy silanes are used to block hydroxyl and amino groups in organic synthesis reactions by reacting with active hydrogen. Alkoxy silanes undergo hydrolysis to give silanol as inorganic group and alkyl alcohol as the byproduct. Ethoxy functional silanes provide two advantages over the methoxy functional silanes. One is ethoxy functional silanes offers ethyl alcohol as the byproduct of hydrolysis, ethyl alcohol is much less hazardous alternative to methyl alcohol offered by methyl functional silanes. Another is ethoxy functional silanes contribute to slower rate of hydrolysis, which is useful for applications where a delay between the mixing and curing processes.

SiSiB alkoxy silanes are used as adhesion promoters, crosslinkers, and hydrophobing agents in silicon based paint, ink, adhesives, water repellents, and other related industries to resist peeling and penetration in spite of prolonged exposure to heat, cold, moisture, and chemical attack.

SiSiB alkoxy silanes are used as reactive intermediate of chemicals synthesis to prepare hydrophobic and release materials as well as enhancing flow of powders.

SiSiB alkoxy silanes are used as processing additives for silicone polymers, silicone oils and silicone rubbers.

SiSiB alkoxy silanes are used as surface modifiers for different surfaces treatment, especially for the production processing of personal care products or cosmetics.

SiSiB long-chain alkoxysilane have higher hydrophobicity, which means that fillers treated with them will have greater dispersibility.

In addition, SiSiB, a reliable silicone manufacturer, offers various kinds of alkylalkoxy silanes used as components in Ziegler-Natta Polymerization Catalyst Systems.

Different silane donors with differing organoalkoxy structures are used depending on the exact nature of the catalyst and the type of polypropylene being manufactured. Organic substituents, such as cyclohexyl, cyclopentyl, methyl, isobutyl and phenyl, are some of the organic groups attached to silicon. The alkoxy groups are either methoxy or ethoxy with one, two, or three alkoxy groups on the silane molecule.

SiSiB® PC9500 (Cyclohexylmethyldimethoxysilane, Donor-C, CAS No.: 17865-32-6) and SiSiB® PC9530 (Dicyclopentyldimethoxysilane, Donor-D, CAS No. 126990-35-0) are the predominant silane donors.SiSiB silane donors may increase yield of polymer per unit weight of catalyst, increase isotactic content of polypropylene-based polymers, and improve molecular weight dispersity of the polymer.

Alkoxy Silanes Recommendations

Alkoxy Silanes Recommendations
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