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Fuctional Silicone

Fuctional Silicone

Silicones have a long history as a functional ingredient in personal care products. SiSiB provides a wide range of cost effective functional silicone ingredients in the field of personal care, including hair care, body care, sunscreen products and color cosmetics.

SiSiB ® PC19826 Phenyl trimethicone is based on linear PDMS with phenylsilane groups. It has a higher refractive index, which is often used in styling products to increase the apparent gloss of the hair. Phenyltrimethicone increases softness with less residue, and has higher compatibility with organic ingredients, making it easy for formulation.

SiSiB® Amodimethicone fluids provide deep conditioning. They are usually based on replacing some of the methyl groups on PDMS with primary and secondary amine groups. This amine functional group can be attracted to the negative protein surface of the hair and then cross-linked to form a substantial film.

Because of their larger organic groups, Amodimethicone fluids, as silicone personal care product, can be more easily emulsified into a surfactant system, and can be used to prepare transparent shampoos. They can also be used in rinse-off conditioners, semi-permanent and permanent colorants, and leave-in conditioners. In addition to softness, smoothness, reduced fly-away and faster drying time, Amodimethicone can also be formulated to provide color protection for dyed hair, and provide thermal protection to prevent excessive heat from hair dryers, curlers and other styling devices.

SiSiB® Alkylmethicone fluid has better compatibility, lubricity and gloss than methyl silicone fluid, and can be miscible with mineral oil, it also provides improvements in moisture retention. SiSiB® silicone polyether is a water-soluble and alcohol-soluble silicone material that can be used to reduce aqueous surface tension. 

The addition of ethylene oxide substituents to the siloxane backbone can increase hydrophilicity, while polypropoxylated moieties can be added to increase hydrophobicity. Silicone polyether reduces the surface tension of the aqueous system, enhances foaming, and provide good wetting for hair. As silicone polyether is compatible in aqueous systems, it can be used in clear formulation.




SiSiB® PC19411

Silicone Fluid Blend

Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Dimethicone

SiSiB® PC19436

Alkyl Silicone Fluid

C12-18 Alkyl Dimethicone

SiSiB® PC19446

Silicone Glycol Copolymer

PEG/PPG-15/10 Dimethicone

SiSiB® PC19556

Terminal Amino Silicone Fluid


SiSiB® PC19566

Amino Silicone Fluid


SiSiB® PC19570

Silicone Microemulsion

Amodimethicone (and) Laureth-7 (and) Isolaureth-6 (and) Glycerin

SiSiB® PC19646

Silicone Polyether Copolymer

PEG-12 Dimethicone

SiSiB® PC19826