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SiSiB is a leading manufacturer of silanes and silicones in the world with more than 30 years’ history.

SiSiB volatile silicone fluids can impart smooth spreading and ease of application in lotions and creams and can help to improve spreadability without leaving an undesirable greasy or fatty feeling. They are used as base fluids in a number of personal care products with excellent spreading and unique volatility characteristics. These fluids are clear, tasteless, odorless and provide a non-greasy feel.

Volatile silicone fluids by SiSiB, a professional silicone products manufacturer, exhibit excellent low temperature serviceability (pour points as low as -86°C. In addition, they provide excellent lubricity and have viscosities comparable to water.

SiSiB volatile silicone oils mainly include cyclosiloxane silicone oils and linear siloxane silicone oils with a viscosity of less than 5 cst. Cyclomethicone refers to a series of cyclic silicone compounds. Compared with water and ethanol, cyclopentasiloxane requires less energy to evaporate. Cyclomethicone with low heat of vaporization and low viscosity imparts a transient, non-greasy and non-cooling effect on skin.

SiSiB Cyclomethicone can be used as a volatile carrier and is compatible with a variety of cosmetic ingredients. Cyclomethicone can be used alone or mixed with other cosmetic liquids to provide a liquid base for various silicone personal care cosmetic ingredients. It has good solubility in most anhydrous alcohols and many cosmetic solvents.

SiSiB volatile silicone fluids have been widely used in antiperspirants, deodorants, hair sprays, cleansing creams, skin creams, lotions and stick products, bath oils, sunscreens, shaving products and makeup products. Due to its volatility, cyclomethicone must be added to formulations with temperatures below 60°C.




SiSiB® PC12010-0.65

Polydimethyldisiloxane, 0.65 cSt


SiSiB® PC12010-1

Polydimethyldisiloxane, 1 cSt


SiSiB® PC12010-1.5

Polydimethyldisiloxane, 1.5 cSt


SiSiB® PC12010-2

Polydimethyldisiloxane, 2 cSt


SiSiB® PC12010-3

Polydimethyldisiloxane, 3 cSt


SiSiB® PC19686

Methyl Trimethicone, 1.5 cSt

Methyl Trimethicone

SiSiB® PC19695

Caprylyl Methicone

Caprylyl Methicone

SiSiB® PC19696

Volatile Alkyl Methyl Siloxane Fluid

Caprylyl Trimethicone

SiSiB® PC19780

Volatile Linear Silicone Fluid

Trisiloxane (and) Dimethicone

Volatile Silicone Fluids Recommendations

Volatile Silicone Fluids Recommendations
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