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SiSiB has a large number of experienced R&D and technical service personnel. We are committed to creating value and improving customer formulations through our comprehensive specialty additive products. These additives include silicone additives for paints and coatings, agriculture surfactants, PU foam stabilizer, water repellents and texitle softeners. The performance, quality and technological innovation have been unanimously recognized by customers all over the world. We provide all customers with the best solutions: creating the highest value while providing the best technical performance. 

Silicone coating additives including wetting agent, leveling agent, release agent, defoaming agent, anti-skinning agents and anti-graffiti additives are widely used in producing paints, coatings, printing inks, primers, powder, overprint varnishes and etc. As silicones are effective at low concentration levels, they are widely used to optimize product performance, processing operations and productivity. 

SiSiB Silicone Adjuvants have been successfully used for years to provide super spreading and excellent spray coverage on many crops. It can lower the surface tension of spray solutions. After the mixture with the pesticide solution at the certain proportion, it can lower the contact angel between the spray and foliage, which can enlarge the coverage of the spray. 

SiSiB high-quality silicone surfactants are used in a variety of polyurethane foam applications, including rigid foams, flexible foams, high resilience foams, shoe sole foams and one component foam.

SiSiB silicone softeners for textiles with affordable price (details, see related pdf) provides higher softness, prominent effect and wide application. SiSiB hydrophilic silicone fabri softening agents include polyether-modified silicone oil, hydrophilic polyether-modified amino silicone oil and linear polyether-modified amino block silicone oil. They not only endow the fabrics better soft and smooth hand feeling, but also make the surface of non-woven fabric glossy, wear-resisting, elastic, antifouling and wrinkle proof. 

All building materials are exposed to damaging environments, from water ingression to high alkalinity erosion. SiSiB water repellents can be used for the waterproof treatment of various substrates: concrete, slate, sandstone, limestone and marble, bricks and tiles. 

SiSiB Silanol Terminated Polymer and Alkoxy Terminated Polymer is the base polymer for the formulation of one component, moisture curing RTV silicone sealants, and two-component, condensation curing RTV silicone compounds. Besides, SiSiB also provides organo silicone polymers, cross linked oily silicone based polymer, etc.

SiSiB is the first manufacturer of Silane Terminated Polyether (STP) polymers in China. SiSiB STP is well known as polyether-based silane-terminated polymer, silane modified polymer and silyl-terminated polyether. It is widely used in coating, adhesives, sealants and elastomers for construction, industries, automobiles, household appliances, digital devices and etc. For the use, property and structure of specific silicone polymers, please feel free to contact us and get relevant pdf files.    

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