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SiSiB is worldwide leading manufacturer of organosilanes for over 30 years. SiSiB® PC3100, chemical name 3-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane, CAS No.2530-83-8, is the first and still widely used epoxy silane. SiSiB® PC3100 and was developed in 1989.

SiSiB epoxy Silane is a bifunctional organosilane possessing reactive epoxy group and hydrolyzable inorganic alkoxysilyl groups. The dual nature of its reactivity allows it to bind chemically to both inorganic materials and organic polymers, thus functioning as an adhesion promoter, surface modifier and as a reactant for product modification. The unique epoxy functionality of epoxy silanes offers non-yellowing adhesion in many resin system and improve the flexibility of resin system compared to other functional silanes.

Epoxy functional silanes by SiSiB silicone factory are widely used as adhesion promoters in epoxy, urethane, olyamides, acrylates, phenolics, melamine and polysulfide systems for coatings, adhesives and sealants industry to promote adhesion, improve compatibility and dispersion of inorganic filler, enhance corrosion resistance and ameliorate electrical properties.

SiSiB epoxy silane are widely used as coupling agent to improve the bond strength of various organic silicone resins to inorganic materials including glass, metals, dyes, fillers and minerals.

SiSiB epoxy silane may improve dry and wet strength in cured composites reinforced with glass fiber rovings.

SiSiB epoxy silane can enhance the electrical properties of epoxy-based electronic packaging materials and packaging materials due to improved bonding between the resin and the substrate or filler.

SiSiB epoxy silane can improve the adhesion of substrates in many waterborne acrylic and vinyl acrylic caulking, adhesives and coatings. The use of epoxy silane can avoid the yellowing phenomenon that sometimes occurs when amino functional silane adhesion promoters are used.

SiSiB® OP3000 is an epoxy functional silane oligomer. The product is a multifunctional structure bearing gamma-glycidoxy groups, which is an excellent candidate to reduce emissions of methanol upon hydrolysis of the material as compared with monomeric epoxy silanes. The hydrolytic stability of SiSiB® OP3000 can help provide better shelf life than ordinary monomeric epoxy silanes, thereby providing better durability in solvent borne systems.

SiSiB® OP3160 is a water-borne epoxy silane adhesion promoter without volatile organic components. It can be simply diluted with distilled water.

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Epoxy Silanes Recommendations
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