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SiSiB is worldwide leading supplier of organosilanes for over 30 years. SiSiB silazanes are synthesized by ammonolysis or aminolysis of chlorosilanes. They are widely used in coating, carbonitride ceramics, surface modifier and additives of silicone rubbers.

SiSiB silazanes are used in moisture cured release coating. They are more reactive than conventional silicones. SiSiB silazanes even react with water/moist air to produce silicones and ammonia.

Silazanes by SiSiB, a reliable silicone supplier, are used as blocking agent in the manufacturing of silicone rubber. They can effectively impede the rearranging degradation of polysiloxane chains as the reactive –SiN bond reacts with trace water or the -SiOH group, and thus improve the thermal stability of silicone rubbers.

SiSiB silazanes are used to modify organic intermediates to promote chemical processing reactions more efficiently, and to modify physical properties of finished products by incorporating silicone chemicals.

SiSiB® PC9210 (Hemamethyldisilazane, HMDS) is an extremely versatile and strong silylating agent. It is primarily used for the protection of sensitive functional groups during chemical synthesis, for example, cephalosporins and prostaglandins.

One of the advantages of SiSiB® PC9210 over trimethylchlorosilane is that no base is needed as a hydrochloric acid acceptor. SiSiB® PC9210 produces ammonia which escapes easily from the reaction mixture during silylation.

SiSiB® PC9210 hexamethyldisilazane can be used as adhesion promoter in the microelectronic industry and as hydrophobization agent for fillers, e.g. silica.

SiSiB® PC9411 (Tetramethyldivinyldisilazane) is used as adhesion promoter for Negative Photoresist.

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Silazanes Recommendations
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