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SiSiB is a leading manufacturer of silanes and silicones in the world with more than 30 years’ history.

SiSiB amino silicone oils are available in the three classes of structures typical for silicone polymers: terminated, pendant group and T-structure. In addition to the inherent hydrophobicity and good mold release properties of dimethyl silicone oil, amino silicone oil also imparts reactivity, absorptivity, lubricity, and flexibility to the presence of amino hydrocarbon groups. It is widely used as fiber finishing agents, resin modifiers, release agent, personal care additives, etc.

Amino silicone oil by SiSiB, a reputable custom silicone manufacturer, has excellent film-forming properties and adsorption properties.

SiSiB amino silicone oil can be used as a softening agent for various natural fibers and synthetic fibers, and can give various fabrics excellent softness, resilience, drape and durability, and has been widely used in the textile field.

As hair conditioners, SiSiB amino liquid silicone oils are widely used in hair care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, ointments, etc. They can impart excellent properties such as softness, softness, and antistatic to the hair.

SiSiB aminopropyl-terminated siloxanes are used to produce a variety of block copolymers including polyamides, polyurethanes and polycarbonates. The silicone is employed to produce silicone modified epoxy resins. It also has improved adhesion to both painted and unpainted metal surfaces allowing use in corrosion resistant coatings and polishes. 

SiSiB amino functional silicones are reactive additives to both epoxy and urethane formulation. 

SiSiB aminoalkyl functional T-structure polymers demonstrate the same range of chemical reactivity as the aminopropyl terminated siloxanes. The branched polymers are more likely to find application as formulative additives rather than as prepolymers. Typical applications include detergent polishes, leather finishes, and an internal mold release for nylon. 

Amino Silicone Fluids Recommendations

Amino Silicone Fluids Recommendations
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