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Silicone resin is a kind of highly cross-linked polysiloxane with a three-dimensional branched structure, usually formed by hydrolysis and condensation of multifunctional organosilanes.

Depending on the number of trifunctional groups T or sometimes tetrafunctional groups Q introduced into the polymer during the production process, the structure of the resin is very different.

Methyl groups imparts water repellency, release, incompatibility with organic products, hardness but also fragility; Phenyl groups imparts thermal resistance, thermoplasticity, flexibility, compatibility with organic silane products, chemical resistance. SiSiB provides methyl silicone resin, vinyl silicone resin and methyl phenyl resin.

Due to excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, dielectric properties and water repellency, SiSiB silicone resins are used in the manufacture of paints and coatings.

Good oxidation resistance and good dielectric properties make them very suitable for electrical impregnation and high-performance electrical insulation products, helping to improve durability, safety and reliability.

The coating industry mainly uses silicone resin as a binder to improve the heat resistance of coatings and translucent coatings. They are also combined with organic resins to form polyester-silicone resin mixtures, suitable for continuous pre-coating processes or so-called roll coatings.

SiSiB methyl phenyl silicone resin is used to produce high temperature resistant coatings and primers, which can provide excellent heat resistance, while having good gloss and color retention, improved flexibility, low viscosity and water resistance or corrosion resistance. SiSiB methyl phenyl silicone resin is the best choice for high heat and UV resistant coatings.

SiSiB MQ resin is used in many thermoplastic, thermosetting or elastomeric material (such as PU) release agent, it can extend the durability of the release agent.

In addition, silicone resin also has excellent waterproof performance. Special silicone resin can be used for waterproofing of building materials, reinforcement of exterior walls and ancient monuments.

SiSiB silicone resin offers excellent film-forming properties that may provide a comfortable, non-tightening feel; it is used in a wide variety of personal care formulations.

SiSiB silicone resin is also widely used as a tackifier for pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), a release force promoter in release silicone coatings, adhesion promoter for sealing and bonding.

SiSiB supplies various types of silicone resin with affordable price for our customers: modified acrylic silicone resin, polyester silicone resin, uv silicone resin, and liquid silicone resin, etc. By adding silicone to resin, our silicone resin coating is also widely used in food and other industries.

Silicone Resins Recommendations

Silicone Resins Recommendations
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