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ADDSiL™ 8333
ADDSiL™ 8333

Silicone Leveling Agent

ADDSiL™ 8333 is a polyether-modified polydimethylsiloxane, it is a surface additive for solvent-free, solvent-borne and aqueous coating systems, printing inks and adhesive systems as well as ambient-curing plastic systems.

ADDSiL™ 8333

Technical Data

Color and Appearance

Transparent to slight yellowish clear liquid

Active Ingredient


Flash Point


Density 25°C


Viscosity 25°C

T~W (Bubble viscometer)


  • ADDSiL™ 8333 silicone additive provides a strong reduction of the surface tension of the coatings and printing inks. It therefore particularly improves substrate wetting and avoids cratering. Surface slip and gloss are also increased.

  • In aqueous systems it improves the anti-blocking properties. ADDSiL™ 8333 additive is particularly recommended for all solvent-borne, solvent-free and aqueous coatings, printing inks and overprint varnishes.

  • ADDSiL™ 8333 anti-skinning agent is a highly effective silicone additive in adhesives and sealants. It provides a strong reduction of surface tension, thereby improving the wetting of critical substrates. ADDSiL™ 8333 is particularly recommended for improving the substrate wetting of adhesive systems based on polyurethanes, epoxies and acrylates.

Packing and Storage

  • Separation or turbidity may occur at temperatures below 5 °C. Warm to 20 °C and mix well.

  • ADDSiL™ 8333 for silicone paint is supplied in 20Kg / 180Kg plastic drum or steel drum or according to customer's request.

  • In the original unopened packaging, ADDSiL™ 8333 has a shelf life of 24 months.

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ADDSiL™ 8333