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ADDSiL™ 8190
ADDSiL™ 8190

Release Additive

ADDSiL™ 8190 is 100% active polyether modified polydimethyl siloxane.

ADDSiL™ 8190

Technical Data

Color and Appearance

Light yellow clear liquid

Active Ingredient


Viscosity 25°C


Refractive Index 25°C



  • Textile and leather

  • ADDSiL™ 8190 polyether silicone copolymer can be used as PU stabilizer to obtain stable expanded coating, it is suitable for most non-woven substrates.

  • ADDSiL™ 8190 can be used as a silicone leveling agent for solvent-based top finishing for leather.

  • ADDSiL™ 8190 can be used for non-woven substrates hydrophilic treatment.

  • Paints, Inks and Coatings.

  • ADDSiL™ 8190 can be used as silicone additive to provide slip, mar resistance and antiblocking in water and solvent borne paints, inks and coatings.

  • ADDSiL™ 8190 can improve levelling, reduce orange peel, increase gloss and provide a smooth, satin feel to the surface.

  • ADDSiL™ 8190 can prevent pinholing, cissing and fish eyes arising from poor wetting of contaminated or low energy substrates.

Packing and Storage

  • Separation or turbidity may occur at temperatures below 5°C. Warm to 20°C and mix well.

  • ADDSiL™ 8190 silicone for fluid painting is supplied in 25Kg / 200Kg plastic drum or steel drum or according to customer’s request.

  • In the original unopened packaging, ADDSiL™ 8190 has a shelf life of 24 months.

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