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SiSiB® WR0802
SiSiB® WR0802

Silane Water Repellent

SiSiB® WR0802 is a monomeric medium-chain alkylfunctional silane. It is a colorless liquid and soluble in common non-polar organic solvent.

SiSiB® WR0802 is equal to Dow's Z-6341, Evonk's OCTEO and Momentive's Silquest A-137.

SiSiB® WR0802

Technical Data







Molecular Weight


Boiling Point


Flash Point


Color and Appearance

Colorless transparent liquid

Density 25/25°C


Refractive Index

1.4150 [25°C]


Min.98.0% by GC


  • SiSiB® WR0802 Octyltrimethoxysilane is used as a surface modifier to generate hydrophobictity (e.g. concrete, glass, inorganic pigments, or mineral fillers). Recommended level is 0.5~1.5% based on the weight of filler or pigment.

  • SiSiB® WR0802 silicone water repellent spray should be diluted in solvents such as alcohols, chlorinated solvents, aliphatic solvents, and low molecular weight cyclic polydimethylsiloxane, such as D4 before use. Typical dilution levels are 40% and 20% SiSiB® WR0802 in a solvent.

  • Blends of the solvents can also be used. The evaporation rate of the diluted material can be modified depending on the type and concentration of the solvent. Select the proper solvent for your application, as some silane/solvent blends may darken the surface.

  • Methods of application include airless sprayer, roller and brush. When a brush or roller is used, repeated applications should be made until the surface remains moist for a few minutes. If an airless sprayer is used, application should continue until the substrate is thoroughly saturated. Sprayers should be fitted with solvent resistant hoses and gaskets. A test application is necessary on each surface to be treated to ensure compatibility and the desired water repellent result. Surfaces should be free of standing water, surface dirt, dust, oils, and other contaminants. The formulated SiSiB® WR0802 may be applied to damp surfaces although dry surfaces are preferred to achieve maximum penetration into the substrate.

Packing and Storage

  • SiSiB® WR0802 by SiSiB is supplied in 170Kg steel drum or 850Kg IBC tote.

  • In the unopened container SiSiB® WR0802 has a shelf life of one year.

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SiSiB® WR0802