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SiSiB® PC15306
SiSiB® PC15306

Dimethicone (and) Laureth-3 (and) Laureth-9

SiSiB®PC15306 is non-ionic emulsions of high viscosity PDMS gel, which has good compatibility with cosmetic ingredients and surfactants in formulations. It is an excellent conditioning agent used in 2-in-1 shampoo formulations. In addition, this product provides silky, emollient feel on hair and shows good dry or wet combing performance. 

As a reliable polydimethylsiloxane manufacturer, SiSiB supplies high quality silicone oil. It's easy to add to chemical formulations. For more information such as PDMS price per kg, please feel free to contact us. And if you buy products for sale in bulk, our company can provide wholesale price, very cost effective.


SiSiB® PC15306

Technical Data


Milky white liquid

Solid content (%, w/w)


pH value(pH Universal Paper)


Centrifugal stability (ml, 2500 rpm x 15 min)



  • SiSiB®PC15306 can be used as an ideal ingredient for 2-in-1 shampoo, bath-lotion, hair care and sun-proof products.

  • How to use:

    SiSiB®PC15306 should be post-added to the formulations. The process silicone temperature range would not be over 50℃.

  • Recommend Dosage:

    The common usage level of this product in 2-in-1 shampoo is 2%-4 %.

    In silicone personal care products, hair care or skin care, the common usage level is 2%-10%.

    In bath lotion products, the common usage level is 2%-4%.

Packing and Storage

  • SiSiB® PC15306 is supplied in 50Kg plastic drum.

  • In the original unopened packaging, SiSiB®PC15306 has a shelf life of 6 months in a dry and cool place.

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SiSiB® PC15306