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Super Soft Silicone Softener

POWSIL-59110 is a super soft textile softener. It contains a revolutionary & new generation of silicone molecule that delivers a voluminous and silky hand feel. 

Furthermore it provides sio2 hydrophilic nature to most types of textile fibers or fabrics at a reduced use level than other silicone softeners. It is very stable in an ordinary textile finish process without causing oil-spots on fabric.


Technical Data

Physical Form

Liquid state


Transparent, light yellowish

Solid Contents (wt%)


Viscosity (25°C, cps)


pH (25°C) (1% in water)





Slightly cationic


  • POWSIL-59110 silicone fabric softener can be used as received or pre-diluted with water before applying. It is a MUST to stir the contents of POWSIL-59110 so that it is well homogenized in the drum before use.

  • The optimum treatments such as dosages are dependent on the required softness of the fabric and yarn after finishing. Typical applications are recommended as follows:

  • Pad-dry-cure process:

    Dosage:    5~10g/l for light fabric or 10~20g/l for heavy fabric

    pH:           5.0 ~ 7.0

    Temp. :     Ambient temperature

    Dry/Cure: 120 ~ 170 ºC for 1~3 min

  • Exhaustion process:

    Dosage:          0.5~ 1.0% on the weight of fabric

    Liquor ratio:   1/10 ~ 1/20

    pH:                 5.0 ~ 7.0

    Temp. :           Ambient temperature

    Time:              20 ~ 30 min

    Drying:           100 ~ 130 ºC for 3~5 min

  • Garment washing process:

    Dosage:      0.5~1.0% on the weight of garment

    Duration:    20 ~ 30 min

    Drying:       100 ~ 130 ºC for 3~5 min


  • Guides of Stripping:

    POWSIL-59110 can be stripped off fabric. The stripping formulation is as follows:

    NaOH:             5 g/l

    LABS(30%) :    2-5%

  • Add water and NaOH onto fabric tank and then heat to 100°C for 60 min. Then rinse fabric with acidic water and then pure water.

Packing and Storage

  • The product for silicone fabric is sensitive to temperature below -10°C and above 60°C. When it is separated, stir the contents well homogenized or add 2-5% of 20% acetic acid aqueous solution and stir for 30 min. If the product is frozen, thaw it at warm condition and stir after thawed. The container should be tightly sealed when not in use.

  • To ensure the product quality is maintained, the product should not be exposed to too hot or too cold condition. It is stable for 12 months when properly stored at 25°C. It is a MUST to stir the contents of POWSIL-59110 so that it is well homogenized in the drum before use.

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