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ADDSiL™ 13950
ADDSiL™ 13950

Silicone Surfactant for Flexible PU Foam

ADDSiL™ 13950 is a low to medium-efficiency, non-hydrolyzable silicone glycol copolymer designed for flexible polyether slabstock foam.

ADDSiL™ 13950 provides superior flame retardant properties compared to other silicone surfactants.

ADDSiL™ 13950

Technical Data


Transparent viscous liquid

Viscosity 25°C

1300 +/- 300 mPa.s

Density 25°C

1.02 +/- 0.02 g/cm3

PH Value(4% Water Content)

6.0 +/- 2.0


  • A Crib 5 rating in accordance with BS5852 can be achieved by utilizing ADDSiL™ 13950 surfactant in conjunction with appropriate flame retardants.

  • ADDSiL™ 13950 silicone oil surfactant is suitable for medium and high density (13-40 kg/m3) flexible slabstock foam production, specially recommended for foam density 15-35 kg/m3.

  • The recommended use level is 1.0 pphp.

Packing and Storage

  • ADDSiL™ 13950 by SiSiB is supplied in net weight 200Kg steel drum or 1000Kg IBC tote.

  • When stored at ambient temperature in the original unopened packings, ADDSiL™ 13950 has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production.

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ADDSiL™ 13950