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Hydrophilic Linear Copolymer Silicone Fluid

POWSIL-59120 is a super soft and stable textile softener. 

It contains a revolutionary and new generation of silicone molecule that deliver a sio2 hydrophilic, voluminous and silky natural hand feel to most types of fabrics at a lower use level than traditional silicone softeners. It is very stable in an ordinary textile finish process without causing oil-spots on fabric. Especially it can be applied in same bath with wrinkle free finishings.


Technical Data



Physical Form



Colorless to yellowish liquid

Solid Contents (wt%)


pH (25°C)



Weak cationic


  • POWSIL-59120 silicone softener for textiles can be used as received or pre-diluted with water before applying. The desirable usages are dependent on the required softness of the fabric and yarn after dyeing and rinsing.

  • Pad-dry-cure process

  • Dosage:       5-10 g/L for light fabric or 10-20 g/L for heavy fabric

    pH:              5.0-7.0

    Temp.:         Ambient temperature

    Dry/Cure:    120-170°C for 1-3 min

  • Exhaustion process

  • Dosage:          0.5-1.0% on the weight of fabric

    Liquor ratio:   1/10 -1/20

    pH:                 5.0-7.0

    Temp.:            Ambient temperature

    Time:              20-30 min

    Drying:           100-130ºC for 3-5 min

  • Garment washing process

  • Dosage:          0.5-1.0% on the weight of garment

    Duratio:          20-30 min

    Drying:           100-130ºC for 3-5 min

  • Stripping:

    POWSIL-59120 can be stripped off fabric. The stripping formulation is as follows:

    NaOH :            5 g/L    

    LABS(30%) :    2-5%

  • Add water and NaOH onto fabric tank and then heat to 100ºC for 60 min. Then rinse fabric with acidic water and water .

Packing and Storage

  • POWSIL-59120 for silicone coated cotton fabric tends to be sediment on bottom during storage period. If the product is separated, stir the contents to homogeneous. If the product is frozen, thaw it at warm condition and stir after thawed.

  • To ensure that the product quality is maintained, the container should be tightly sealed when not in use. It should be stored at normal room temperature, preventing prolonged exposure to extreme heat and cold conditions, which may cause product separation.

  • POWSIL-59120 is packaged in net weight 120Kg plastic drum.

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