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ADDSiL™ 15200
ADDSiL™ 15200

Silicone Surfactant for Polyurethane Sole

ADDSiL™ 15200 a silicone surfactant for stabilizing microcellular foam.

ADDSiL™ 15200

Technical Data


Colorless clear liquid

Viscosity 25°C

28+/-10 mPa.s

Density 25°C

0.95+/-0.05 g/cm3

Water Solubility



  • AddSil-15200 silicone oil surfactant is mainly used in medium and low density ester shoe soles. It provides better skin formation and less peeling, reduces pinholes and enhances mechanical properties.

Packing and Storage

  • ADDSiL™ 15200 by SiSiB is supplied in net weight 200Kg steel drum or 1000Kg IBC tote.

  • When stored at ambient temperature in the original unopened packings, ADDSiL™ 15200 has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production.

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ADDSiL™ 15200