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SiSiB® VP6280
SiSiB® VP6280

Vinyl Silane Oligomer

SiSiB® VP6280 is an oligomeric siloxane containing vinyl and ethoxy groups. It is a colorless, almost odorless, low viscosity liquid. SiSiB®VP6280 is an excellent silane bridging agent between inorganic fillers (such as kaolin, MDH, ATH) and organic polymers (EPDM, EVA, PE). 

The application of SiSiB®VP6280 in mineral-filled and peroxide cross-linked cable systems improves mechanical and electrical properties, especially when exposed to humid environments. The high boiling point and high flash point of SiSiB® VP6280 make it superior to monomeric silane in terms of safety, handling and processing. The amount of ethanol (VOC) released by SiSiB VP6280 is much less than that of monomeric silane.

SiSiB® VP6280

Technical Data


Colorless Liquid

Boiling Point


Specific gravity


SiO2 Content


Flash Point



3-7 cSt


  • SiSiB® VP6280 is excellent as an silicone adhesive promoter, dispersion and hydrophobation agent in mineral filled compounds. In the presence of moisture, the ethoxy groups of SiSiB® VP6280 hydrolyze to produce ethanol and reactive silanol groups. These silanol groups react with the filler via silicon-oxygen bridges. The vinyl functional groups of SiSiB® VP6280 react with the polymer phase in the presence of radicals: A major field of application for mineral-filled compounds is the cable industry.

  • The EPDM and EVA polymers with SiSiB® VP6280 are for the halogen-free, non-toxic, environment-friendly flame retardant cable compounds based on ATH and MDH.

  • In addition, SiSiB® VP6280 with low silicone oil viscosity can be used in many other applications such as filler and pigment coating, dispersions etc.

Packing and Storage

  • SiSiB® VP6280 is supplied in 25Kg drum, 200kg steel drum or 1000Kg IBC.

  • Store in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight.

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SiSiB® VP6280