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SiSiB® PC4400
SiSiB® PC4400


SiSiB® PC4400 is a methacryl-functional silane, it is a clear, light and heat sensitive liquid with a faintly sweet odour.

SiSiB® PC4400 is used as adhesion promoter at organic/inorgainc interfaces, as surface modifier (e.g. imparting water repellency, organophilic surface adjustment) or as crosslinking of polymers). It is used as a coupling agent to improve the physical and electrical properties of glass-reinforced and mineral-filled thermosetting resins under exposure to heat and/or moisture. It is typically employed as a blend additive in resin systems that cure via a free radical mechanism (e.g. polyester, acrylic) and in filled or reinforced thermoplastic polymers, including polyolefins and polyurethanes. It is also used to functionalize resins via radical initiated processes - copolymerization or grafting - and to modify surfaces.

SiSiB® PC4400 acyl silane is the equivalent of ShinEtsu's KBE-502.

SiSiB® PC4400

Technical Data







Molecular Weight


Boiling Point

265°C [3mmHg]

Flash Point


Color and Appearance

Clear to straw liquid with mild odor

Density 25/25°C


Refractive Index

1.432 [25°C]

Min. Purity


Solubility: SiSiB® PC4400 is soluble in methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, acetone, benzene, toluene, and xylene.

SiSiB® PC4400 shows copolymerization or grafting reactions when catalyzed by (organic) initiator systems, e.g. peroxides or by radiation (e.g. UV).


  • SiSiB® PC4400 organo silanes can improve strength as glass fiber size composite in reinforced polyester composites.

  • SiSiB® PC4400 can enhance initial and wet strength of reinforced polyester resin composites.

  • SiSiB® PC4400 can enhance the wet electrical properties of many mineral-filled and reinforced composites.

  • SiSiB® PC4400 crosslinked acrylic type resins can improve adhesion and durability of exterior silicone adhesives and coatings.

Packing and Storage

  • SiSiB® PC4400 is supplied in 25Kg plastic drum, 200Kg steel drum or 1000Kg IBC container.

  • In the unopened original container SiSiB® PC4400 has a shelf life of one year in a dry and cool place.

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SiSiB® PC4400