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SiSiB® HF2035
SiSiB® HF2035

Monohydride Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane

SiSiB® HF2035 is a mono hydrogen terminated polydimethylsiloxane. It is colorless clear liquid. SiSiB® HF2035 is widely used in hydrosilication.

SiSiB® HF2035

Technical Data



Color and Appearance

Colorless clear liquid

Hydrogen Content wt%


Viscosity 25°C

45~55 cSt

Remark: Other Hydrogen contents and viscosity levels can be made upon request.


  • The single ended active Hdrogen of SiSiB® HF2035 can be directly grafted with the high molecular or low molecular compound to reform a new type silicone product. It can be used to produce different kinds of silicones, special modified silicone oil by hydrosilication bringing in polyether group, epoxy group, amino, long chain alkyl group, etc. The modified products will be used in personal care products, contact lenses, coating industry, polyurethane foam and agrochemicals adjuvant.

Packing and Storage

  • In the original unopened packaging, SiSiB® HF2035 has a shelf life of 2 years in a dry and cool place.

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SiSiB® HF2035