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SiSiB® PF8255
SiSiB® PF8255

Phenyl Methyl Silicone Fluid

SiSiB® PF8255 is similar to DowCorning’s DC-550, Shin-Etsu’s KF-54.

SiSiB® PF8255

Technical Data

Chemical Name


Color and Appearance

Colorless to straw-colored fluid

Specific Gravity at 25°C


Refractive Index 25°C:


Flash Point, open cup


Condensation Point:


Viscosity at 25°C

SiSiB® PF8255-75

50~80 cSt

SiSiB® PF8255-150

110~200 cSt

SiSiB® PF8255-350

200~500 cSt

SiSiB® PF8255-750

500~1000 cSt


  • Apart from the general property of methyl silicone oil, PF8255 phenyl methyl silicone oil also enjoys a good heat stability, oxidation-resistant capacity, and with strong surface tension, lower freezing point and water stability, the product has a good miscibility with other organic resins, suitable for skin protection and soften, and can be used for high-temperature heat carrier or as insulation oil, high-temperature heating oil bath and base oil.

Packing and Storage

  • In the original unopened packaging, SiSiB® PF8255 has a shelf life of 60 months.

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SiSiB® PF8255