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SiSiB® SP2060
SiSiB® SP2060

Silicone Powder

SiSiB® SP2060 is a super slip thermoplastic additive containing 60% ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer and 40% fumed silica.

SiSiB® SP2060 could be used as an additive in almost all thermoplastics polymer to improve processing properties, surface quality and mechanical property.

SiSiB® SP2060

Technical Data


White powder

Siloxane content


Dosage (%)



  • SiSiB® SP2060 siloxane powder is widely used to improve the lubricity and surface quality of plastics.

  • SiSiB® SP2060 can be used in modification of plastics, cable compounds, elastomers, thin-walled complicated parts, silicone core pipe, and plastic pipe etc.

  • SiSiB® SP2060 can be used in low smoke flame retardant PVC compounds and rigid PVC compounds.

  • SiSiB® SP2060 can be used in high temperature engineering plastics, which can improve the flow of the silicone resin and processing properties, promote the crystallization of PA, improving the surface smoothness and impact strength.

  • SiSiB® SP2060 can improve the surface finish without any bleeding when it is used in engineering plastics sheets.

  • SiSiB® SP2060 can be used to improve dispersion properties and make the surface more slip, prevent pigments reunion etc.

  • Use methods:

    Silicone molding/pelleting process is necessary for better performance when SiSiB® SP2060 mixed with the other materials at a certain proportion.

  • Recommend dosage:

    It can improve the product’s processing, liquidity and mold release when it is added at 0.5%-2%. At a high level, 1% to 5% can improve the surface properties (smoothness, finish, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance).

Packing and Storage

  • SiSiB® SP2060 is supplied in 25Kg craft paper bag.

  • In the unopened original container SiSiB® SP2060 has a shelf life of one year in a dry and cool place.

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SiSiB® SP2060