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The Status and Development Trend of Conductive Silicone Rubber Industry

The Status and Development Trend of Conductive Silicone Rubber Industry

The Status and Development Trend of Conductive Silicone Rubber Industry

The conductive materials are mostly metallic materials and non-metallic materials, such as graphite, carbon black and conductive fibers. With the advancement of science and technology and the development of industries such as automobiles, new requirements for conductive materials have been put forward in aerospace and electrical and electronic fields. It is expected that the conductive material not only has excellent conductive properties, but also acts as shock absorption or shielding. Conductive silicone rubber just meets this requirement.

1. Characteristics of the conductive silicone rubber

Silicone rubber has good heat resistance, weather resistance, and cold resistance, as well as high and low-temperature resistance, aging resistance, arc resistance, compression deformation resistance, wide hardness range, easy processing and manufacturing, and easy extrusion molding and environmental friendliness. performance. These properties make electrically conductive silicone rubber widely used in aviation, aerospace, electrical and electronic, industrial instrumentation, automotive, construction and medical fields.

2. The future development trend of the conductive silicone rubber

With continuous progress, the newly developed conductive silicone rubber technology is bound to have a profound impact on the future market development pattern. From the perspective of the global conductive silicone rubber market, its future development trends mainly include the following aspects:

(1) Improve conductivity and reduce filler filling;

(2) On the premise of improving electrical conductivity, maintain and improve the molding and processing properties, mechanical properties and other properties of conductive silicone rubber;

(3) Develop new varieties of conductive materials and expand application fields.

Technically speaking, it is the development trend in the future of materials science that the polymer material of conductive silicone rubber replaces the metal material. As a result, the market demand for conductive polymers, namely conductive silicone rubber, is increasing day by day, and its application fields are gradually expanding, which inevitably puts forward higher requirements for conductive polymers.

3. Advantages of the conductive silicone rubber

(1) Good high and low-temperature resistance (-70 to 200 ℃);

(2) Anti-aging;

(3) Excellent processing performance, can produce various special-shaped parts;

(4) Stable electrical conductivity and good thermal stability;

(5) Low volume resistance as low as 10Ω·cm or less.

4. In which areas are conductive silicone rubber widely used?

Capacitive screen mobile phone pens, zebra strips, conductive watch straps, conductive silicone sheets, conductive silicone pads, conductive rubber strips, buttons, electromagnetic shielding and other conductive silicone products molding and extrusion products.

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