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What Are the Common Silicone Fluid?

What Are the Common Silicone Fluid?

What Are the Common Silicone Fluid?

Other common elements are hydrogen, ethyl, phenyl, chlorophenyl, trifluoropropyl and so on. In recent years, organically modified silicone fluid has been developed rapidly, and many organically modified silicone fluids with special properties have appeared. So, what are the common silicone fluid?

Sisib is one of the most professional silicone emulsion manufacturers in China. It will introduce some common silicone fluids to you.

1. Dimethicone

Polydimethylsiloxane has various viscosities, generally 0.6, 5, 10, 100, 350, 1000 and other various viscosities. Low viscosity is suitable for adding and providing a refreshing moisturizing feeling in skincare products, and high viscosity is suitable for providing. Among skincare products with a strong moisturizing feeling, the dimethyl silicone fluid are suitable for adding in hair care products and scar removal products.

2. Dimethiconol

PMX-1403, PMX-1401, generally use ultra-high-viscosity dimethiconol, a solution mixed with low-viscosity polydimethylsiloxane, with an extremely smooth skin feel, polydimethylsiloxane Siloxanol can give hair a soft, smooth, silky feel. The emulsification method adopts anionic emulsification, so it has a suitable expressive viscosity. It is easy to add to shampoos and shower products and evenly disperse.

Because the silicone fluid has a medium particle size, it can effectively improve the wet washing and dry combing performance of the product, and improve the hair knotting phenomenon that often occurs when shampoo products are rinsed and semi-rinsed.

3. Phenyl silicone fluid

Phenyl trimethicone is a low-viscosity, colorless, transparent liquid, slightly volatile, high refractive index, and is easy to compound with alcohol and organic ingredients. Phenylmethyl silicone fluids have good anti-sticky properties and have the effect of increasing the solubility of silicone fluid and other greases. Phenyl silicone fluid can be used to brighten the gloss of the paste.

4. Polycyclic siloxane

Cyclopentadimethylsiloxane, a colorless, odorless, non-irritating volatile liquid, good gloss, water-resistant, soft, and dry, easy to emulsify (low viscosity).

Polycyclic dimethyl siloxane has an appropriate volatilization rate, and its evaporation rate is lower than that of water and ethanol and has good dispersibility and volatility; when it volatilizes, the skin has no cold feeling and no residue, and it can generally be used in volatilization. Natural refreshing creams and hair care essential oils.

5. Polyether modified silicone fluid

This type of silicone fluid is generally soluble in water, ethanol, and emulsification systems, so it is suitable to be added to skincare water as an emollient, and as a softener in leave-in hair care products.

6. Amino silicone fluid

It provides good softness and repairs damaged hair in hair care products. It is generally used in conditioners, hair masks, and ointments. For example, Dow's 949 is a cationic emulsion type amino silicone fluid, which is easy to add and use. Attention should be paid to the discoloration of some amino silicone fluids.