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Types of Commonly Seen Clear Silicone Products

Types of Commonly Seen Clear Silicone Products

Types of Commonly Seen Clear Silicone Products

There are many kinds of clear products. Today, let Sisib introduces to you some silicone products that are commonly seen in our lives! As we all know, clear silicone products are soft and comfortable to the touch and not easily deformed, with a clear appearance, safe and non-toxic nature, etc., all of which make clear silicone products the first choice for modern life! So what are the types of clear silicone? Next, Sisib will introduce it in detail for you.

The Most Common Seen Food-grade Clear Silicone: Transparent Pacifiers

A pacifier is an eating tool that every newborn baby will use. Choosing comfortable, safe, and non-toxic clear silicone products can help the baby grow up healthily and happily, and the mother will feel more at ease. Our food-grade clear silicone products give you this sense of security!

The transparent silicone pacifier is made of pure natural silicone rubber, which is soft and elastic, with excellent toughness and tear resistance, and is not easy to be damaged by use! Sisib produces clear silicone that is easy to clean and heat resistant, and a variety of disinfection methods can be used. Its shape can be designed and adjusted so that the baby can eat at ease with the touch feeling closest to breast milk. With the characteristics of safety, non-toxicity, and environmentally friendly protection, the family can use it at ease.

Smart Wearable Accessories: Clear Silicone Phone Case

Nowadays, many people no longer choose TPU transparent mobile phone cases, clear silicone phone cases become the new trend. The reason for choosing clear silicone mobile phone cases is simply because the chemical molecules of clear silicone phone cases are very stable and not easy to deform and turn yellow.

Proper thickness, good moisturizing, and toughness of clear silicone can play a good protective role, and it is not easy to deform, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and durable. Soft and delicate touch, let the phone users can't put it down. The clear silicone material has a first-class appearance after molding, and people can also customize the patterns and colors they like, silicone products manufacturers can meet your needs!

Clear Silicone Products: Silicone Tubes

Optically clear liquid silicone rubber is a common medical silicone product. Clear silicone has good softness, good toughness, and kink resistance and is not easy to deform. It is non-toxic, tasteless, has yellowing resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. Also, it has advantages of no cracking, aging resistance, UV resistance, long service life; good tear resistance, and excellent electrical properties.

The above three silicone products are relatively common clear silicone products with good performance.

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